Modern Love

What do you think of when you read or hear the words “modern love?” The Bowie song? Maybe a contemporary nightmare? The series on Amazon which recently actually filmed locally? Or, perhaps like me, the NYT column in which I dream to one day be published? Confession: it’s a writing fantasy that only comes in second to being meeting Anna Quindlen. Someday….

Yes, I’m a regular reader of the New York Times column that inspired the series and was reluctant to watch the show for fear of disappointment – or perhaps even a touch of hesitation about being left feeling a tad sad about singledom. What I most certainly didn’t expect was to feel charmed and sweetly inspired.

It’s not everyone that would spend the weekend their most recent relationship ended binge watching the entire 8 episode Season One of the Amazon series Modern Love, but I’m seriously ok with not being everyone. Actually, it’s important to me to not be perceived as being everyone, so maybe that comes as no surprise.

Anyway, it must have been months ago when I initially took in episode one. It was…fine, but it didn’t compel me to binge by any means. This week, though, something changed. Maybe it was the surprise of Anne Hathaway portraying a bipolar woman struggling with work and dating or the welcome variety of skin colors (Dev Patel, be still my beating heart!) and sexualities and situations. It sucked me in like quicksand.

The episodes are each only about thirty minutes in length and familiar and favorite faces are featured in many of them. Did I already mention Dev Patel? The stories are varied, providing a sense of the limitless manifestations of love, be it romantic or otherwise. The episode with Tina Fey and John Slattery so relatably portrays the anger and resentment which can develop over the years of a long term marriage or relationship that it pained me to watch, while the tenderness which blossomed between near strangers on a first official date in a different episode gently soothed.

The final episode, titled, “The Race Grows Sweeter Near Its Final Lap,” surprisingly prompted even more tears than the absent Dad one did for me. It was just so damn sweet and inspiring and comforting…witnessing the depth of love between two older people was simply beautiful and confirmed for me that what the future holds is a wonderful mystery to be discovered.

Love, be it modern or old fashioned, comes in countless flavors and that was my very favorite part of this series. Romantic, mature, platonic, paternal…each is represented and each confirms that love, and what we may want from it, is uniquely special and different.

As the plot lines from the individual episodes wove together into what felt like a universal blanket of emotion, I imagined what my own final lap might look like. While I am content, mostly, being independent and solo, I think a companion who meets the criteria below might be who I could imagine growing old beside.

A guy who –
…can cut up a pomegranate …and maybe recommend a syrup dispenser that never drips.
…loves, or at least appreciates, Schitt’s Creek.
…I can look up to when I’m in heels.
…has a wardrobe that contains zero camouflage …and keeps his passport up to date.
…doesn’t have either fish pictures or shirtless photos on his dating profile.

5 thoughts on “Modern Love

  1. Love Modern Love, it’s a lot closer to real life than one would guess. I definitely connected with the Tina Fey

  2. Thanks for this, Del. Loved being turned onto new stuff. I am really getting into web-series of late.

    Chuck the Writer’s blog brought me here, by the way; he re-blogged my review on The Comeback Trail alongside your review.

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