S is for…

Summer, a season that I appreciate more each year.
*Snakes, of which I’ve seen an inordinate number this year. For the most part they were small garter snakes, but I did see a brown green one at the Cape that came with some heft.
*Seattle and San Francisco, a couple of cities which showed my son and I a good time last month.
*Sharing, as in cohabitating with a group of people and having the vibe be completely and organically cooperative.  I mean, we’re at the point where we’re washing our laundry in mixed loads.
*Simple like the ingredients needed for delicious August meals – tomatoes, nectarines, corn and blueberries.
*Serene, as vacations without children can be.
*So damn relaxed.
*Sex, quite frequently the topic of conversation.
*Soaking wet after a day of pond-ocean-pond-pond.
*Satiated on a diet of good people, good food and good vibes.
*Sunkissed shoulders and cheeks.
*Sauvignon blanc.
*Sandy feet
*Stand up paddle boarding
*Sighs of contentment
*Screened porch evenings – and mornings and afternoons.

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