I have questions

Since I’ve abandoned Facebook (and Bumble) I’ve found myself with more time to ponder about random things which have prompted my curiosity. I’ve read that wondering is a dying activity in a world where most questions can be quickly, if not accurately, answered by a quick Google search, but I’m taking this old school and asking you to respond to the following questions.
  • Why are cat’s tongues so scratchy?
  • Do you put your bra on by hooking it in the back or do you hook it in front and then spin it around?
  • Speaking of turning things, do you rotate your towels and dishes so that the newly washed items go on the bottom of the pile or stack, thus giving all your items equal use?
  • When it comes to grocery shopping – how frequently do you go to the store? Are you loyal to a single grocery store? Do you use coupons?
  • What’s your take on fresh flowers in your home? Are they a regular indulgence or only to mark an occasion?
  • Do you have a routine for changing sheets? Regular interval or day of the week?
  • How many hours a night do you sleep?

Indulge me. I’m curious!

4 thoughts on “I have questions

  1. Hmmmm, I believe a cat’s tongue may be scratchy because they use their tongue to clean themselves and to remove loose fur which is probably why they get fur balls that need be be hacked up, with that in mind, what’s for lunch?.
    I’m not to good at putting bras on, I’m best at removing them…..when needed.
    I can’t say I rotate my dishes having discovered sturdy paper plates save time and water in cleaning up. My towels get used, washed and replaced in the closet as needed, and I have lots and lots of towels having won the 20th place in the towel lottery where I receive free towels for life.
    I am not loyal to any one store except for maybe Fred the Butcher….they make the best chicken salad. I never use coupons as clipping them cuts into my wine drinking time.
    Ah, fresh flowers! I love them. I love their beauty and they are a reminder of the seasons. Thank God for Trader Joe’s.
    Sheet changing…… yes, last week I changed with Dominic, he should really change more often. I do however remove my sheets once a week and replace with clean fresh sheets on Fridays after work so I have crisp sheets for the weekend, I always shower before climbing into my fresh bed. I like my sheets very tight on the bottom, one blanket and a comforter…..and always another blanket on top of everything because I wouldn’t thing of going to sleep without my doggies with me. They too get groomed regularly.
    Hmmm, hours of sleep. It varies, during the week usually 8 hours…..I truly love my bed. On the weekends that 8 hours get greatly reduced depending on what movies I want to watch, rarely less than 6 hours…..it’s called the senior years, lol.
    So there, you have my answers so now you too can enjoy a good nights sleep.

    1. I’ll go with Jamie’s explanation about cats.

      I am pretty strong, but not the most coordinated. That makes me a snap and twist girl.

      I always rotate my things. I don’t want anything to feel left out.

      I bounce between Shop Rite, Audi’s and Chopper with an occasional visit to Honest Weight. I use coupons because otherwise I feel like I’m leaving $ on the table. Sometimes I buy wine with that $!

      I try to always have fresh flowers in my house, often in at least 3 rooms. They either come from the grocery store or my garden.

      Sheets are always 100% cotton and changed every weekend.

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