Giving thanks for simple pleasures

It seems that Thanksgiving has changed in so many ways since I was a child and taught about Pilgrims and “Indians.” Knowing what I know now about the atrocities perpetrated by whites against Native Americans has certainly diminished the joy of the holiday for many, including myself. How does one celebrate the colonialization of the First People with a light heart and a plate of stuffing?

I guess all one can do is express gratitude for all the advantages and gifts with which life has awarded them. While I try to do that every single day, here are a few things which are currently brining me joy and happiness.

Waking up with all three of my sons under the same roof as me.

Having our good health, particularly during a time when so many have suffered from, and been lost to, Covid.

Friends and family who enrich my life and provide consistent support and love.

The good fortune to be in a position to buy a warm coat after realizing you forgot to pack the one you rented specifically for your family holiday getaway.

A professional position that allows me to work with children who will one day change the world and make it a better place.

Radiators to warm up my morning jeans.

The ability to earn a good living, budget carefully and enjoy well timed indulgences.

Washable, recycled cashmere gloves from Ekologic.

Three nights out of the country tramping around Montreal with my sons.

My home which remains a work in progress, yet rewards my investments with satisfaction and comfort.

A hot bath, with dimmed lights, before bed.

People like you who make time to stop by here to read my words.

Wishing you and yours a day filled with gratitude and love. Silvia

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