A few of my (current) favorite things

Karastase hair products
My stylist chatted this line up to me a number of years ago and I balked at the expense. These shampoos and conditioners are pricy af and I’m skeptical about cost and value being necessarily related. But, then, I used a sample and my hair felt and looked fantastic. Able to justify most anything when inspired, I decided that since I only wash my hair a couple of times a week, the price really wasn’t that much…and now I’m hooked. 

When I placed my last order I made a mistake and received a shampoo I hadn’t used previously. It’s designed for hair that is grey or lightened, which I guess is true of my hair, so I decided to keep it rather than ship it back. It’s one of those blue shampoos which is supposed to eliminate brassiness and add shine and after using it twice I detected a subtle difference in my hair. It looked shinier and my color seemed more uniform almost as if the various shades of red, silver and blond had blended.

I’m a believer.

Floral Beauty serum
The ingredients list is simple and production remains small in this boutique line of skincare and fragrances based in the Hudson Valley and created by a childhood friend. The combination of ease in application (fingers) and aroma (heady in a completely unaggressive fashion) makes for a wonderful mini ritual of being indulgent and gentle with one’s self. 

We probably all need to include an activity that compels us to treat ourselves so kindly, especially in a pandemic that just won’t quit.

Hair oil by Grounded Matters. I purchased this locally produced, all natural hair product over the summer at the Washington Park Farmers Market. My hair was reacting to our upstate summer humidity and I wanted something to smooth my frizzies. A couple of drops rubbed between my palms and then worked through my hair from ends to roots and my wiry twists become silky strands. Bonus for the wonderful scent and exclusively recycled packaging.

This Stine Goya dress. I recently re-upped my membership to Rent the Runway. I had paused my subscription for a few months, not being able to justify the expense at a time when I wasn’t feeling particularly impressed by the selection of garments, nor was I really going anywhere that demanded something special to wear.

Instead, I did a little in person shopping at Marshall’s, Macy’s and TJMaxx, but I left those stores disappointed by the quality of the clothing. So much of it just seemed like disposable fashion, something I find unappealing in numerous ways. Since my return, I’ve rented a number of items that I’ve enjoyed wearing, but there hasn’t been a single thing that I’ve loved more than this zebra print Stine Goya dress. It’s eye catching, comfortable and tastefully sexy. I suspect it’ll travel well, too. Look for it in my upcoming Cali vacation photos.

Dark green nails. What can I say? In our home without a Christmas tree, I felt drawn to adding a festive shade of green to my life and since I needed a pedicure…. In a somewhat unusual, for me, move I splurged on a gel manicure as a vacation splurge. I don’t know what number or name was assigned to this color in the nail salon, but it’s my current number one. Dark, rich and eye catching. Let’s just call it “perfect date green.”

The last time I was in NYC, I visited Sephora to replace my favorite, worn-to-a-nub, red Bobbi Brown lipstick. Alas, “my” shade was no more leaving me to face a wall of reds that was more intimidating than a border crossing between Texas and Mexico. Fortunately, an adorable employee saw my panic and swooped in to help me pick an alternative shade. “Ruby” is my new go-to lip color and the one I apply on any and all occasions when I’m maskless. You know, like when I take a run or walk and yes, I am that woman. No apologies.

Tell me – what makes you feel good about yourself as we approach our third pandemic year? Please share with a comment!

2 thoughts on “A few of my (current) favorite things

  1. We share a newfound love of luxury shampoo (same brand as well!) but I’ve been embracing a zero makeup look that for me feels both comforting and revolutionary. For years I would not leave the house without my face and I spent hundreds and hundreds a year (a trip? 😬) at Sephora. My 40’s brought a newfound acceptance of self and the pandemic cemented my fuck it attitude. I rarely wear makeup and when I do it feels fun and special and not at all like the chore it used to be.

    1. I feel the same regarding makeup. There was a time when I wouldn’t leave the house without mascara, but I’ve even given that up for the most part. On the rare Covid occasions when I’ve worn eyeshadow or liner, I’ve felt almost awkward about it. With my hair looking so good, who’s looking at my face?!

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