Up a creek…

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know my philosophy about birthdays – they’re special and deserving of being celebrated, with enthusiasm. And, for the record, one shouldn’t feel limited to a single day of festivities. You take how ever many you want – because it’s the day you were born and that’s amazing stuff.

I had the opportunity last week to celebrate someone pretty exceptional and a little Hudson Valley getaway seemed like the ideal way to do it while also attempting to escape the oppressive heat. My goal was to stay within an approximately one hour drive from home, be on water and be able to take Jeter along. 

I scored a perfect place on Airbandb. Located in Ulster County between Kingston and Rosendale, the cottage we rented provided privacy, access to the Esopus Creek, and an adorable interior that was charming in its design and efficiency. It was exactly what I had hoped to find and we really loved our time away, Jeter included.

Unfortunately, however, sometimes the best laid plans come with unexpected complications. 

Let me give you an example…

We arrived at our little slice of paradise  late Tuesday afternoon. We had taken the meandering drive, occasionally hitting strong pockets of summer rain, and were all pleased to be somewhere fairly close to home, yet still seeming away.   

After parking and unloading the car (the plan was to not leave the property until checkout Thursday morning), my guy and Jeter and I headed down to the water for some swimming and fishing. Jeter immediately got busy with paddling about and I, more slowly, slipped off my clothes and carefully made my way across mossy rocks towards deeper water.  

Unfortunately, a single misstep resulted in me losing my balance and taking a spill. As I went down flailing, my right hand landed on a sharp rock and I immediately knew I was cut. Suddenly, swimming in a creek didn’t seem fun anymore.  

I got out of the water and made use of some hand sanitizer, conveniently packed in my smart boyfriend’s tackle box. After getting back to the cabin, I showered, put a bandaid on my finger and poured a glass of rosé. Romantic getaway resumed.  

Overnight I awoke frequently. My finger felt tender. I practiced bending my index finger and it responded by dully throbbing. Great. In the morning my finger was significantly swollen, a situation we decided must be an indication of my perhaps jamming it during the slip. No worries.  

Later in the morning we decided to take a drive to score bait for fishing. It was already very hot out and I was feeling a tad “off.” The pressure from my finger had increased, corresponding with the swelling, and I was a little nauseous. I decided to take a couple of pictures and send them to my favorite (retired) doctor, my brother.  

Instead of receiving the anticipated “no big deal” response, I got a series of texts stating that I needed antibiotics – TODAY. He started throwing out terms like “flexor tenosynovitis” and “mitral valve prolapse” until I agreed to seek immediate medical attention. So much for day drinking and kayaking… 

After a series of phone calls with my primary doctor, we (bf and Jeter) went to an urgent care center. The guys waited in the car in 95°+ heat while I waited to be seen and tended to, freezing my ass off in the exam room.  A diagnosis of a raging bacterial infection, followed by a quick application of antibiotic ointment and a phoned in prescription later, and I was on my way.    

It’s taken a week, but my finger is almost healed. Once again, I’m indebted, even at a distance, to my brother for his concern and care, along with the hands on attention from my patient bf. The takeaway, kids, is don’t mess around with open wounds and exposure to water of questionable cleanliness. The infection that I experienced was no joke.

Nor was the birthday cake I still managed to bake after we got home Thursday afternoon. 🙂

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