Full moon, full life, full heart

It’s been a week. First, there was the 100 mile (each way) road trip on Sunday to watch my son’s soccer team play in the finals which ended in an urgent care visit and 3 staples in his scalp after he took a cleat to the head. 

Looks pretty innocent, right?

The next night, Rocco the cat caught and tortured a bat who registered his anger with a bite, through gardening gloves, to my middle son’s hand which resulted in 5 hours in the emergency room and the first of 4 rabies shots for my boy, and a booster for our cat.  

Even though it’s summer, I went into work a couple of days this week to, once again, move a substantial part of the library collection back into a space where students can access it, after 2 years of the facility being used as a lunchroom. Lots of books, lots of lifting.  

But, yesterday evening somehow turned into one of my favorite nights of 2022.  

It started with a bike ride to a free yoga class at the Empire State Plaza. The class, offered by my favorite studio, The Hot Yoga Spot, was part of a summer series and was held in the grass between a couple of the towers. The sky was gorgeous, with fluffy white clouds on a blue background, making it a joy to be on my mat beneath it. It was a great class.  

After catching up with one of my full moon running friends, I hopped back on my bike and rode through Washington Park to meet friends at The Argus for a drink. When I arrived, my friends weren’t there, but my neighbor was. I sat down next to her and ordered one of my summer go to drinks, a margarita. 

Another friend appeared, one I share with my neighbor, and the three of us talked about what we’ve been up to and how things are going in our lives. My neighbor’s husband appeared and we moved ourselves to an adjoining area to get comfortable in some plush chairs away from the busy bar. 

The friends I originally had intended to meet arrived and rolled up chairs to join us. Introductions were made and the conversations were lively, often punctuated with laughter. It all felt wildly organic and easy and just delightful. The light and sky visible through the multi paned windows was magical in a way that completely suited the impromptu gathering.  

As the bar emptied, we shifted to the now available stools. My beloved bartender took care of us, and the music, and it seemed like we were all a little moonstruck on this beautiful August night in a city which has been so very good to each of us.  

I rode home, again through the park, under the light of a dazzling full moon, wondering how I got so damn lucky to have a such a full life – and heart.

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