Privileged? No. Blessed? Absolutely.

20130807-231818.jpgI’ve written before about the drawbacks to self-exposure. Putting your thoughts, experiences and yourself “out there” invites comment. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? Obviously, the negative feedback I receive hasn’t really been a deterrent to my sharing writing and I’m pretty comfortable with how people may perceive me.

But, there’s this one thing which has been bothering me for a few weeks.

I was accused of having a privileged life.

I’m not angry about the comment – more hurt than anything, I guess. I probably shouldn’t admit that I’m still thinking about it after so much time has passed, right? Restraint in expression is not something I’m known for, though, so here goes…

I would never claim to have the hardest life in the world. I’ve been so fortunate to have resources bestowed upon me. I can work hard and budget and plan and provide opportunities for my boys, and experiences for all of us. There are people in my life who share their time, wisdom and thoughts with me. I am ever so lucky.

I’ve had a hell of a year with lots of travel, way more than is typical for me, and I have appreciated every minute of it. More than once, I have looked around at wherever I happened to be and shook my head with the wonder of it all. Amazing.

Privilege and blessings may look alike from a distance, but in reality they’re distant relatives. While I often feel privileged to live the life I lead, privilege really has nothing to do with it.

One thought on “Privileged? No. Blessed? Absolutely.

  1. I guess it’s all in how you handle it. I know wealthy people born into privilege who live life with grace and humility. And I’ve known nouveau riche who are just intolerable a-holes.
    From your writings, it’s clear you have the gift of grace and an appreciation that hard work pays you sweet dividends. Happy for you.

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