The present of time

Imagine this package filled with time! image:

It’s been one of those weeks.* I’m sure you’ve had them yourself – an event Monday night, 3 consecutive Tuesday meetings, a late night at work Wednesday, a soccer game…you’ve been there.

I’ve been longingly anticipating Sunday, the only day on this week’s calendar which is completely open. Of course, when I say “completely open” I’m being a little disingenuous.  There is the Harvest Fest in the early afternoon and a planned long run in the latter part of the day.  Relatively speaking, though, I am unscheduled and I couldn’t be happier.

Speaking of happy, my day was absolutely made today when my son texted me to tell me that Open House was next Thursday rather than this Thursday. Suddenly, I had been given the gift of two unencumbered hours.  Sort of.

My first thought was that I should cook dinner instead of picking up pizza as I had planned.  I quickly rejected that impulse because it seemed to be an unnecessary complication on a night which had suddenly been simplified.  I considered whether I could fit in a run, but decided that the hour-long Tabata-style class I had squeezed in would satisfy my need for an aerobic workout.

So, instead, I made it to the second half of my son’s soccer game and enjoyed the warmth of an early October afternoon.  We picked up our pizza after the game and enjoyed an easy supper before I needed to head out and drive my soccer player to the Varsity game, arriving back home to help my youngest with his math homework.  With which, incidentally, I find myself struggling. What are “arrays” and why don’t kids learn their multiplication tables anymore?

Is it Sunday yet?

*I shouldn’t use the past tense.  I still have a couple of bonus hours at the Wine Bar & Bistro on Lark tonight and a few hours of helping out down at Oktoberfest Saturday.

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