Some questions for the ladies about supporting the girls…

Gentlemen, you’ve been warned…

2D36B4B4-DFC0-4E4A-A853-A46322A41A86What is the purpose of those originally flat and smooth removable cups in swimsuits and some other garments? You know the ones that bunch up and never lie flat again after your wear/wash the item? Are they to prevent an observer from being offended by one’s nipples? Am I supposed to be ashamed of my breasts and find it necessary to hide them?

Have you ever worn a stick-on bra that actually did anything? I’ve tried some fancy stuff over the years to make myself presentable in a dress with a challenging neckline or impossible to manage straps, but there’s never once been a time when I felt comfortable enough to relax and forget about the flimsy silicone attached to my boobs with self-stick adhesive. Suggestions?

DA847F7D-DA97-484D-873D-3B55AA9863B9How come no one ever told me about how wonderful a pretty lace bralette can feel and look? I recently bought two from Gap and love the comfort and prettiness so much! It’s funny, because as soon as I put the sweet light blue one on, I was immediately reminded of the pink stretchy “bra” I had as a preschooler, with matching underwear, naturally. Bralettes are a perfect choice for peeking out of an extra undone shirt button or to delicately cover sideboob in a dress with low cut armholes.

We need to support each other, ladies, and I’ve gotten some of my best bra info from friends. Like when my friend, Alexondra, told me that those snaps on my dress straps were designed to corral my bra straps. Mind blown.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom or advice you might share.

3 thoughts on “Some questions for the ladies about supporting the girls…

  1. While I can’t offer any advice, I can offer some sympathy. When I do laundry, I had to deal those things in my daughter’s bras. I say had, because I quit. These particular bras had a spot for your finger to go in and adjust these “shields.” It is a horribly frustrating puzzle to get the shields where they are supposed to be. I’ve tried moving them around, removing and trying to put back in (this method was actually worse) and finally just gave up. I can’t do it.

      1. That’s a decision for the owner. I’m not trying to get those things to play the right way. If some one else wants to do the puzzle, have at it. They might have grown out of those particular bras. Haven’t seen them in a while. But truth be told, I haven’t done too much pandemic laundry.

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