PTSD aka Post-Trump Sleep Disorder

After a brief reprieve, somewhere between Inauguration Day 2021 and last week’s commencement of the latest Trump impeachment, it once again feels like DJT is stealing the oxygen from the room, from the country, from the friggin universe. I just want him to go away.

But, letting him get away with his actions and words, the ones that inspired and incited an insurrection, is a mistake. He has to be held accountable for the events of January 6, 2021, a day he encouraged his Twitter followers to “never forget.”

I want him to go away, but it’s wrong for him to get away. He needed to be convicted of the crime for which he had been charged.

Here’s the thing, even if you, like far too many of the jurors, refused to listen to the testimony and closed your eyes to the irrefutable evidence as presented by the house managers, you must have been able to see the pattern of behavior which led directly to the chaos that was January 6th.

There is no leap in logic or lack of video footage. It was all right there, broadcast live and in color.

To me, it is also impossible to ignore that, as the riot was going on, while Congress and all the people who toil on behalf of those elected officials were being locked down and escorted out, Donald Trump did nothing to protect them, much less save them.

He abandoned the people it was his duty to protect. He was derelict in his duties and does not deserve to ever again be elected.

Members of the jury who did not vote to convict have only confirmed their own worth, as suggested by their president who allowed them to be threatened and assaulted by his mob of followers. They are soulless and spineless.

And I, once again, am sleepless.

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