Latest loves, 2.21

Listening to Bonnie Raitt, circa 1989.

The anticipation of date night at a Ric Orlando pop up event for lovers down by the river in Greene County.

The idea to give away weeded books, (two to a bag, with craft supplies to make a valentine), and call them “Blind Date Bookbags, resulting in all 21 bags being taken by the end of the school day.*

Preordering 14 lbs of high quality, local pork and tasty Nine-Pins as a CSA share.

Recent conditions for x-country skiing at Capital Hills.

Politicians like Andrew Joyce and Lynne Lekakis, among others, who represent our county with integrity and honesty. Especially appreciated at a time when the country’s Republicans are so sadly lacking in either. I swear, I don’t know how the Impeachment jury members sleep at night.

Live, albeit televised, concerts like this weekend’s bound-to-be soulful Suffers’ show(s) along with an opportunity to see a a pretty cool incarnation of Allman Family members and special guests, (including Shannon McNally) live from Nashville’s Ryman Theater.

The new Sunday Market in Lansingburg featuring small makers and artisans.

A week off in the middle of February and the knowledge that the CDC is no longer recommending quarantining for those who have been vaccinated. I think I may actually get to the desert this spring!

The options we have for make it yourself, take it to go, or eat on premise meals in the area. Keep up on where to go here and here.

Supporting small producers and splurging on yummy baked goods to enjoy with my favorite coffee or a glass of Stewart’s milk at home.

A dress that makes me feel pretty – and keeps me warm.


*Don’t worry – I’ve made more for tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Latest loves, 2.21

  1. Gosh, you make me feel lazy…. all I did was get up at 4:30am , get to work by 6:00am and Blair Savoy Browns , “ Lookin In” album all the way into work. Thank God the schools are closed next week and I can sleep in till 5:00 am , lol

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