The Weekend – and other random thoughts on Super Bowl Sunday

Despite not having even gotten into my car today, I still feel like my weekend was pretty complete.

My Friday night date was fun. Really, really fun.

The Catskills, dusted with snow on a winter morning, are stunning.

Bonfires at the neighbor’s house have been the saving grace of the pandemic.

Making reservations for July, in Spain, gives me something tangible to wish for.

The new television has been a revelation. The opening scenes from The Flight Attendant alone make it worth the investment.

Had community blogs hosted by the TU not ever been a thing, lives would be different.

A later in life child can really be such a treat, especially when you only get to wake up to them being in your home about half of the time.

Fifties start with the letter “F.” Just like abbreviations FWB and FTW.

Realizing that “your” relationships can look any way you want them to is at least as freeing as possessing a passport and a credit card.

Pets are a big responsibility.

I really am enjoying my home.

That doesn’t mean for an instant that I’m not anticipating a couple of nights away later in the month. I ache to see people.

Taking four or five (virtual) yoga classes a week is a lot, but I can feel a new suppleness that I’m liking.

Each time I eliminate a bin of extra crap from my house, I’m happier.

Tonight’s halftime show was fine, just not, in my opinion, inspiring. I felt like something was missing, personally.

A home with a freshly changed bed, vacuumed floors and a clean bathroom is pretty much where I want to fall asleep on a Sunday night.

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