What’s the point of government?

As President Biden’s domestic agenda and climate change strategies get increasingly more cannibalized, I can’t help but conclude that the government of this country serves to perpetuate war and make mostly white men very, very rich.

How is it possible that the people who have been chosen to represent the population do not understand, accept or appreciate that education, healthcare, and environmental stewardship are vital to every single person in this country?

As business owners struggle to employ quality staff, do the phenomenally wealthy industry icons not see the connection between their paying a fair amount of taxes and citizens having access to quality and affordable education which will result in a higher caliber of workforce being potentially available?

Why doesn’t our government support families in the same manner that it provides for those it employs? Pete Buttigieg most certainly deserves paternity leave to bond with his newborn children, but shouldn’t other new parents have something comparable? When folks throw their hands up in the air to bemoan the lack of family structure and stability in this country, I think a line can, and should, be drawn directly to the current lack of support most American families experience. Shouldn’t the amount allowable in a person’s Flex Spending Account, $5000 24 years ago when my oldest child was born and until the recently proposed increase, still $5000, reflect the real price of childcare? Daycare expenses should not be a household’s greatest monthly expenditure. Period.

How can fresh air and clean water be considered controversial?  Aren’t those prerequisites for health? Climate Change, just like Covid-19 and systematic racism, is real and I’m certain many of you have witnessed environmental changes in your lifetimes which you find concerning. While I’ve been enjoying the novelty of sniffing lilacs blooming in late October, I also find it to be odd and more than a little disconcerting. 

P.S. Senator Manchin – coal is not the answer to anything beyond your own desire to accumulate wealth. You’re disgusting. Please go away and take Senator Simena with you.

When it comes to government and related bureaucracies, the older I grow, the less tolerant I find myself – and that’s saying a lot coming from a person who dropped out of high school nearly 40 years ago because of fundamental issues with administration. I’m really starting to feel like this country is no longer the place where I belong. Our priorities are simply too radically different.

For God’s sakes, people, VOTE.

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