21 Bullet points

  • I really don’t want to take away your guns.
  • I just want people with guns to stop taking innocent lives.  
  • Can’t we agree that no one needs a gun that is capable of firing a literal hail of bullets? 
  • We certainly must be on the same page when it comes to the fact that parents shouldn’t ever send their children to school in the morning and then, later in the same day, provide dna samples so authorities can accurately identify the remains of their child.
  • Children should feel safe in schools. 
  • Employees should feel safe at work. 
  • More guns is not the answer. 
  • After Uvalde, we can put to rest the theory of the good guy with the gun taking on the bad guy with gun to save the day. That didn’t happen.  
  • When I owned a restaurant, it took me more than three months to receive my State Liquor License.  The process was so complicated that my attorney put me in the hands of a professional to lead me through the application.  I had to supply countless documents and it cost $1,000s. It’s what I had to do, though. It’s a big responsibility to serve alcohol, a legal substance, to those of legal age. 
  • Owning a gun is also a big responsibility.
  • Is it really too much to ask someone to wait 2 weeks (while their weapon purchase application is reviewed) before bringing their weapon home?
  • Children were decapitated in their classroom by a gun.
  • Read that again.
  • There’s nothing about anyone’s need for a gun that could ever justify that reality.  
  • Guns are the leading cause of death in children in this country. 
  • There shouldn’t be a market for bullet proof backpacks for children.
  • Americans possess approximately 46% of the world’s civilian held firearms. 
  • America holds only 4% of the world’s population.  
  • This country has a gun problem – and it’s getting worse. 
  • Can we start with national standards with regards to gun locks and storage? There aren’t any in place currently. 
  • After attending Saturday’s March for Our Lives, I rolled up my “Ban guns, not books” oak tag sign and brought it home. For next time.

Source: https://www.npr.org/2022/05/28/1101307932/texas-shooting-uvalde-gun-violence-children-teenagers

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