Florence + the Machine – SPAC, 9/16/12

Last weekend may have been one of the best weekends ever.  The weather was outstanding, the Wine Bar was beautifully busy, Lark Fest was once again a joy, and I got to take my middle son to SPAC to close out the season.  Yep, pretty friggin' awesome. When the show was first announced, I decided a … Continue reading Florence + the Machine – SPAC, 9/16/12

Rock & Run recap

SPAC ~ May 20, 2012Can I blame my less than stellar time (28:27) on Max London?  No, probably not, but I can thank Capriccio Saratoga for the excellent Pasta Puttanesca carb load we enjoyed Saturday night.  I can also say,  that it was a hot morning and a hillier than expected course.  And a lot … Continue reading Rock & Run recap