Falling in love again. With fall.

I’m sure that many people interpret autumn as the final punctuation to summer’s end. I prefer to think of it as more of a transitional time, an opportunity for appreciation and acknowledgement of a summer well-lived. You know me, I’m more a half-full kind of girl. While it is impossible to deny the shift in seasons as the days grow remarkably shorter and concerns switch from keeping cool to keeping cozy, I’ve always found fall to resonate more as a beginning than as an ending. There’s something about autumn that I simply find alluring and today, in honor of Christopher Columbus, I went exploring!

When I got in my car early in the afternoon, I had a loose plan – drive east, then north then west and south. Pretty simple, right? As I headed out there was a smile on my face as I thought of the sweetness of the day’s morning, as well as some of the oh so many fall walks I’ve enjoyed in my life. See, even as a teenager, I was compelled to spend as much time as possible outdoors during this time of year. I have distinct memories of walking the two miles into town and heading directly to the grocery store to satisfy my craving for an apple, red delicious, please.

Today I went for a “hike” in the woods. On my feet were a pair of Doc Martens, which are infinitely more suitable for running from the cops than running trails, but, run is what I wanted to do. My nose filled with the scent of decaying leaves and fresh, fresh air, and I had the urge to run until my lungs ached from gasping air that was colder than any oxygen inhaled in the last 5 months. Instead, I took in the view and relished my quiet alone time – it was just me, my camera and a red delicious apple. Check out my pictures and let’s pretend we went together.

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2 responses to “Falling in love again. With fall.

  1. you had me until the jaguar ad, then I split. 🙂

  2. Jaguar ad?! I’m lacking cultural context!

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