International Women’s Day wheels

Yesterday turned out to be the perfect day to pick up my “new”car - a day designated to demonstrate honor and respect for women. What do my new car and this day of recognition have in common? Let me tell you. I’ve done some things recently that have prompted people to remark that I’m some … Continue reading International Women’s Day wheels


I finally got to Mezze, an awesome restaurant just south of Williamstown, MA., after years of hearing about it.  I'd heard praise for this place for so long, I can't even remember who* originally recommended it.  Believe me, though, I would send that forgotten initial fan of the place a  "thank you" note if I … Continue reading Mezze

“I’ve already told you so much more than I know.” – Richard Russo

Forgive me if I'm still blushing, but, last night  I met one of my literary heroes and I'm still feeling a bit girlish.  Richard Russo participated in a panel discussion about translating the novel to the screen as part of the Williamstown Film Festival and, thanks to Joe Donahue sharing that information on air, I … Continue reading “I’ve already told you so much more than I know.” – Richard Russo

Falling in love again. With fall.

I'm sure that many people interpret autumn as the final punctuation to summer's end. I prefer to think of it as more of a transitional time, an opportunity for appreciation and acknowledgement of a summer well-lived. You know me, I'm more a half-full kind of girl. While it is impossible to deny the shift in … Continue reading Falling in love again. With fall.

Jeff Buckley and "The Last Goodbye."

image jeffbuckley.comAlmost 10 years ago a teacher/musician friend gave me a copy of Jeff Buckley's album Grace and very seriously said the following: "Listen to this entire cd and you will agree with me that it is one of the best albums ever.  And, if you don't agree, you're just wrong." I listened to … Continue reading Jeff Buckley and "The Last Goodbye."