I finally got to Mezze, an awesome restaurant just south of Williamstown, MA., after years of hearing about it.  I’d heard praise for this place for so long, I can’t even remember who* originally recommended it.  Believe me, though, I would send that forgotten initial fan of the place a  “thank you” note if I could only remember who it was…

Anyway – we made a reservation via Open Table.  We weren’t offered great times, but went with the early option of 5:30 knowing that we needed to be at The Clark by 8 pm.  We actually arrived a bit early, a fact that I think worked in our favor as we were given a table great enough to prompt Aloysius to ask if I “knew someone” there.  We settled in to our comfortable corner spot and perused the menu, ultimately going with a cheese plate and a green salad to start, followed by brisket for him and beef for me, all accompanied by a delicious bottle of Spanish red.

A note about the service – it was so good!  Competent, pleasant, timely, basically everything I want when I’m going out for a meal, especially when I’m in a new place.

Fab Spanish red ($40)

The cheese was beautifully presented and consisted of a trio of cheeses, all originating from Vermont.  There was a fantastic blue cheese that absolutely popped with the wine – amazing!  Also present was an aged cheddar and a lovely goat’s milk cheese.  I wish I knew (and remembered) more about cheese…thank goodness the Cheese Traveler is now in the neighborhood to teach me everything!  The arugula was exactly as I anticipated – fresh, peppery, delicious and completely unappealing to Aloysius.  Perfect – more for me.

Pretty cheese course ($15)

We both enjoyed our entrees immensely.  The portions, preparation and accompaniments were all right on.  My beef was beautifully cooked, as ordered and tender and flavorful.  Aloysius barely spared a bite of his brisket, but I forgave him because I was so happy to see him enjoy a meal as much as he did.  (He’s kind of picky).  Here’s the menu for more deets, but keep in mind that the brisket isn’t on the current menu (current from last week, that is), and I think the beef preparation has changed, while the cut of  beef remained the same.

Bistro Steak, root veg puree ($28)

God, it is so nice to taste value in a meal and knowing that Mezze is less than an hour away gives me a new reason to head to Williamstown.  For additional Williamstown dining tips, read here.

*was it you, Rebecca?

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