12 Days of Christmas ~ Dining Delso

DSC_0013Let’s talk about pizza, shall we?  I mean, I know my boys would happily eat pizza on the 6th day of Christmas.  Truth be told, they’d be content eating pizza six days a week, probably.  Good thing we have some options in the DelSo.  First up – Gourmella’s!  I’ll begin by saying I’m not all that crazy about the name,or about the fact that the sign outside still says Pizzalo, another name I’m unimpressed by.  But, the folks inside have been nothing less than nice to deal with and the pizza has met the boys’ expectations, so I’ve moved past the unfortunate signage and naming confusion.  You should too, because the pizza, particularly when ordered “well-done,” is pretty good and the menu definitely has something for everyone.

My most recent visit there  proved, to me, that they’re good people to do business with – at least according to my standards.  Here’s what happened – I placed an order for pickup and arrived just as my pizza was coming out of the oven.  In addition to a pie, I ordered some wings and somehow that translated into a special combination, with special reduced pricing.  It also came with a 2-liter bottle of soda, an item that never comes into my house unless there’s a party and a bottle of dark rum or bourbon – which of the two depends upon the season,  of course.  When I declined the soda and asked if I could have one of those ridiculous cans of high fructose corn syrup-laden “tea” drinks, the guy behind the counter didn’t hesitate to say “Of course.”  Wow – that was an easy, quick and reasonably priced meal – something we can all agree is necessary during these busy holidays.  Give ’em a shot, why don’t you?

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