20131005-223718.jpgWhat I did today:

  • Slept in until 7:15
  • Ate breakfast
  • Did a little dusting and windexed everything
  • Picked up two children
  • Dropped two children off
  • Was at Oktoberfest by 10:00
  • Did wrist bands until 2:30
  • Stopped at Wine Bar to deliver some herbs from my garden
  • Went home, started cooking
  • Ate pineapple and yogurt with granola
  • Sat on the stoop with him
  • Made chicken thighs, roasted parsnips and beets, stir fried red peppers and broccoli
  • Cleaned up the kitchen
  • Folded a bin of laundry
  • Went for a 5 mile run
  • Prepared a beet and bleu cheese salad for dinner
  • Sat down and ate beet salad
  • Opened a bottle of wine
  • Showered
  • Watched SNL and ate popcorn with the teens

I loved my day.

What my son did today:

  • Watched SportsCenter
  • Watched a marathon of SNL prepping for tonight’s episode

My day was better.

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