In case of emergency

I’m in the midst of my annual array of wellness visits.  You know, the semi-annual dental hygienist appointment, my mammogram, a check in with the endocrinologist, a general physical.   I appreciate these practitioners and medical experts in my life for the peace of mind they provide that I am healthy.


I’ve grown accustomed to the fact that the physician’s assistant, who I’ve seen for the past three years, can’t be a day over thirty and has no firsthand knowledge of what I can expect from menopause.  That’s fine, I can read about that topic on my own.  The two-part experience of having my breast compressed and then covered with goop and wanded over, is an embarrassing indignity I can live with for the sake of early detection and my dental visit has been made far more comfortable with some topical stuff on my sensitive teeth.  All good.

No, the issue I have with each of these visits is with a simple consistent question on the intake form: Emergency Contact.  I don’t really have one.  Now, please, I have lots of contacts in my phone.  There are plenty of people I can call for various things – to meet for a drink, to take a run, to give one of the boys a ride home from a game.  But, there isn’t a single person who is close enough to me, physically and emotionally, to call if something really bad happens.

I don’t have a parent.  Or a spouse.  My only sibling lives 2+ hours away and my teenaged children wouldn’t be appropriate recipients of a dreadful call about me, their mom.  So, who to call?  I can’t put myself down, right?

I guess the 411 on my own 911 is this – I’d better not get hurt, sick or in an accident.  The thought of having no one to call is almost enough to make me sick.

See?  Being independent and single isn’t always rainbows and unicorns, after all.

3 thoughts on “In case of emergency

  1. Wow, this really IS a dilemma. You write often about dear and precious friends, but I assume no one is within emergency distance (1/2 hour?). Your post begs the questions of then who is your health proxy and your power of attorney, if applicable? If I was in your situation and had the good relationship you have mentioned with your ex, I might make it him because he is the closest to your boys and would help and protect them should you be out of commission for any reason.

  2. Mary – He is my emergency contact at this point. I just don’t think he should be responsible for me, although I can accept it for the sake of the boys. My best friends all live a minimum of 65 miles away, although, I imagine my running partners would help out in an emergency. Power of attorney
    and health proxy?? Crap – I need to look into that!

  3. This kind of breaks my heart. I had a similar time after my divorce and before Anthony and I got together. I was estranged from my mom, distant from my family and my closest friend lived in Brooklyn.
    Definitely contact a lawyer and have something drawn up so your wishes are very, very clear and then make sure your ex husband knows about them.
    Wish I had more to offer…

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