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First, apologies for YOLO. I’ve never used that acronym before and I promise to retire it immediately.  The term, that is.  The sentiment? Not likely.

I’ve got a little trip planned with three of my besties – a long weekend in New Orleans.  I’m rather ridiculously excited.  I’ve never been to this city before, but its reputation as a destination for eating, drinking and music has interested me for years.  Factor in 5 nights with terrific company and this is about to get real!

The girls and I are in accord when it comes to travel – make a reservation or two, include a nonnegotiable destination or site and wing the rest.  Here’s what we have so far:

  • Dinner at Restaurant R’evolution.  We plan to experience their traditional holiday four-course meal known as Reveillon.
  • At least one visit to Taceaux Loceaux.  I’m hoping to try the avocado fries and the bourbon glazed pork belly.
  • Coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde.
  • A garden or cemetery tour
  • A riverboat cruise
  • The national WW II Museum.

What else?  Anything you’d recommend?  How about a place for breakfast or great music?  And, lastly, I have repeatedly heard that it is important to stay within a fairly small perimeter for safety.  I don’t know, I remember hearing that it was treacherous to drive in L.A. and I wasn’t overly impressed by that experience.  It seems to me that if you’re a New Yorker you know the importance of remaining aware of your surroundings without living in a bubble.  What do you think?  How about places to get a few miles of running in to offset the decadence?  Any experiences or tips you’d like to share would be welcomed!

4 thoughts on “YOLO – NOLA

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans! I’ve been (and lived in Delmar) to the US four times already and have never been to the South(eastern) – and I hate that! 😦 It sounds amazing! Specially the parts where the African culture is really present, influencing the food, the music…the partying! It’s funny ’cause here in Brazil if you want to see that, you gotta go to the North(east). Our South is really European influenced while our North(east) has a stronger African presence. Coincidentally, I’m going there tomorrow for a 16-days trip.

    Concerning safety, get your information together but don’t restrain yourself from exploring! When I first went there to live in Delmar, people would set perimeters regarding Albany and I totally ignored them. Crossing or being near those “perimeters” helped me getting to know the city and the people from there WAY better. Great stories!!! “Back home where I came from”, which is considered a dangerous country, the same thing happens. They tell foreigners about “the dangerous regions” generalizing it completely! The parts of the city I consider the most interesting right now are the ones people tell foreigners not to go to! Well…”YOLO”…traveling is all about exploring so cross those perimeters! Maybe choose those perimeters for a running session? In case anything happens, you’ll already be running! lol

    Yes, YOLO! YOLO and Y.A.L.A.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4VQoP2_eL4

  2. Breakfast at the Court of Two Sisters, ride the St.Charles streetcar to the end & back – catch it on Canal Street, Muffaletta for lunch at Central Grocery, city park for a run, definitely Gatatoie’s restaurant for a REAL No dining experience – when you enter they will ask you “Who’s your waiter ?” (not whose your server), Felix’s Oyster Bar, or Casemento’s, Tipitina’s for music &, of course, Preservation Hall (touristy, but matter’s not, drink plenty of coffee with chicory, definitely the Hotel Monteleone’s carosel ba for the views & the drinks'(Don’s grandfather used to play the piano there!)… Want any more? , ,.a visit to Lake Ponchatrain , – I could go on forever -Don was born there , I moved there as a teen, we married & lived there for many years, I worked as LSU medical school next to charity Hospital & Don got his PhD. from Tulane, on & on Also Saveur, April 2013 has a big article on NOLA,(if you must) MWilken

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