The Kiss


There’s been a lot of internet chatter about this video  of “strangers” kissing.  It’s sparked some conversation – about first kisses, the remarkable beauty of the strangers, and about being manipulated, yet again, by a clever marketing strategy.  I haven’t watched the video yet and don’t know if I ever will. I can be resistant, at times, to things which go viral.  I’m really not much of a follower.  But I do like kissing.

I started thinking about what makes a great kiss…

Is it the anticipation finally being realized?  His hand perhaps cupping your chin or tangled in your hair?  Maybe it’s finding the perfect balance between lips and tongue – not too soft, not too firm, and not too wet.

When I reflect on what I believe to have been the most meaningful kiss of my life, what made it an absolute standout in my (somewhat) personal history wasn’t the fact that it absolutely took my breath away.  No, while that did occur, it wasn’t the most awe-inspiring part of that enchanted event.  What ultimately overwhelmed me was the sense of finally, after seemingly years of holding my breath, feeling myself exhale.  Magical.  Organic.   Tender.  Unforgettable.

2 thoughts on “The Kiss

  1. It’s funny, my best first kiss has changed many times over the years. Right now, my very first kiss stands out as the kiss that made me weak in the knees. It was my 13th birthday, my boyfriend was my childhood friend of many years and I was so shy that it took a long time to get to that first kiss. I remember that is was one of the most tender moments I’d ever had and afterwards I felt like I could float.

    My current best kiss is my boyfriend now. I’d kissed many men too soon and without much feeling behind it. Unlike so many of my relationships with other men, I dated my boyfriend for weeks before giving him anything more than the chastest of kisses on the cheek. The night we finally kissed, I had just shared a secret with him that I had been afraid would make him not like me anymore. And when I was done talking, he told me I’m going to kiss you now and he took my face in his hands and gave me the second most tender and sweet kiss I’d ever had. 6 years later, here we are…

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