Bon Appetit and me

As a wedding gift, nearly a couple of decades ago, I received a subscription to Gourmet magazine.  I very much admired the glossy photos and exotic locations featured in the magazine, but found myself discouraged by the recipes.  It seemed to me that each one had a minimum of 12 ingredients and involved at least … Continue reading Bon Appetit and me

Schooled in cheese.

Over the years, I've learned a lot about cheese.  My earliest cheese memories center around my regular lunch order - Muenster on white with mayo.  Simple, a bit tangy and the perfect balance to my other standard sandwich option, liverwurst.  What can I say?  I was raised by a German mother. As I aged, I … Continue reading Schooled in cheese.

My love affair with Winter

Valentine's Day seems the perfect time to express my adoration for Winter.  In all honesty, it's a love I never imagined experiencing.  Winter was always the cruelest of seasons, I thought.  Endlessly long, yet filled with days which offered mere hours of daylight.  Cold in a way that kept one indoors, in isolation.  Yuck. Our … Continue reading My love affair with Winter

The Beatles, my boys and a birthday

If I think back on music from my childhood, The Beatles  immediately come to mind.  They were definitely the soundtrack of many car rides in my memory. Freshman year of high school, I remember the painful decision of which album to pick - the Red One or the Blue One.  I don't remember which I … Continue reading The Beatles, my boys and a birthday