Skiing with my Uncle Wolfgang

Last week’s epic snowstorm provided an unexpected early December treat - the chance to cross-country ski at Albany Muni. I got out there four days and the conditions just kept getting better. It was awesome and Jeter and I loved every minute of it. Other than the first day when I skied with a friend, it was just me, … Continue reading Skiing with my Uncle Wolfgang

6 days of skiing

After a couple of lackluster seasons of cross country skiing, March has been redemptive and the timing couldn't have been better. For me, that is. On Sunday, March 10, I ran a half marathon under challenging conditions.  The next day I recovered with a 90 minute massage and the day after that we received 20" … Continue reading 6 days of skiing


We got a lot of snow last week, more snow than I've seen in a few years. As I got ready for bed more than 48 hours after the snow first began, I could still hear snow removal happening - blowers and plows and trucks battling the nearly two feet of powdery whiteness. It was truly … Continue reading Snowverwhelmed!

Weather or not

It’s hard to deny that spring has sprung now that I’ve got two colors of crocus creating a riot of color in my front garden.  I can’t say I’m unhappy about the premature arrival of what is typically the most fickle of seasons, but I can admit that I am more than a little uncomfortable … Continue reading Weather or not

Shoulder season

If you're an outdoors exerciser, you'll probably agree that we've arrived at shoulder season - or, as I like to call it, ass season. As in, falling on your ass if you're not cautious because it's so damn icy. We're somewhere between skiing and running/cycling season and each day brings the question of which activity … Continue reading Shoulder season

18 thoughts from the weekend my son turned 18

When he was born, my oldest son scared me. That changed. Now, I'm in awe of him. According to my sons, the plural of penis is penis. (The "s" is silent when it's plural) Crazy > Creepy The Olde English was the perfect place to celebrate my Anglophile son's birthday. Molly, our server, deserves a … Continue reading 18 thoughts from the weekend my son turned 18