Seen all over the TU

I had a pretty busy weekend. If you have any doubt of that, check out the homepage from earlier today. In the upper left hand corner, there's my Seen gallery from Friday night's Dave Matthews Band show at SPAC. Hitting at least one show at Dave's annual two night stop in Saratoga is a tradition for … Continue reading Seen all over the TU

Why print news producers should be inspired by breast milk

This is going to take a minute to explain, so bear with me. To begin, if you've ever had any experience with breastfeeding, be it yourself or someone who you've observed nursing a child, you're probably familiar with the term "liquid gold" as a synonym for breast milk. It's that precious of a commodity. When … Continue reading Why print news producers should be inspired by breast milk

Let’s party like it’s 1999

Last night my soccer playing middle son and I went down to Wolff's Biergarten to take in the women's World Cup semi-final game. It was a great match up - #1 ranked Germany vs #2 USA and we, along with the majority of those present, were thrilled when our women were victorious with a final … Continue reading Let’s party like it’s 1999