For whom the bell chimes

In the quiet of the morning I have the house to myself. The trees sway a bit and occasionally the tremendous wind chimes toll their gorgeous and deep notes. It's peaceful and I find myself, rather than imagining the day's activities, reflecting upon all the years we've been fortunate enough to spend time in this … Continue reading For whom the bell chimes

Moments that mean “Beach Vacation.”

  Having no idea whatsoever of the time. A margarita - and then another one. Donuts with breakfast and chips with lunch. Classic board games. Ordering your afternoon like this: walk - nap - run - shower - wine. Another load of towels in the washing machine. A layer of stickiness that can only be … Continue reading Moments that mean “Beach Vacation.”

ARE summer trail series – Week 8

Last night I finally got back on the path for my 4th run in the summer series. I swear my skipping a few weeks was completely unrelated to the challenge of Thacher Park! Life has been a bit hectic and I've been running later in the evening because of the heat. It was the second time … Continue reading ARE summer trail series – Week 8