What are you full of?

During last night's mental therapy run, I was thinking about potential and how long it takes for some to accept the challenge and make the effort required to embody their own unrealized possibility. Self actualization  - it isn't necessarily an easy thing to accomplish. Change and growth can be scary.  There's an inherent risk involved … Continue reading What are you full of?

(Sometimes) I want to be alone

(Said in a Greta Garbo voice, pronouncing want vant.) As I sat on the train heading south to Hudson on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I considered my decision to take the trip solo. I had made two attempts to find a companion for the day, but didn't find a taker. No worries whatsoever.  I'd been … Continue reading (Sometimes) I want to be alone

Dealing with the City of Albany has been a bureaucratic…

Dream! Bet you weren't expecting that, right? I've freely admitted I know knew nothing about buying or owning a business so everything involved is new to me. As I wade through the paperwork and appointments, my respect for every single business owner on the face of the earth has grown immensely. God bless you, folks! … Continue reading Dealing with the City of Albany has been a bureaucratic…

Working my block and other randoms

I've worked on Lark Street between Spring and State Streets for nearly 13 years. That's like a third of my life (+10). My head has so many ideas racing around. I really want to make Lark + Lily the kind of place I've always looked to frequent - comfortable, consistent, warm, not overly serious. That … Continue reading Working my block and other randoms