Next week when I’m in Barcelona…

  • I will take a funicular ride to these trails and take a run – hopefully twice!
  • There will be wine with lunch…followed by late afternoon naps.
  • I will spend hours outdoors walking around to see as many of Gaudi’s buildings as possible.
  • Should there be rain, I will check out the Picasso museum.
  • I will take in my first professional soccer match with my soccer playing son.
  • The beach will be our front yard.
  • I will take pictures -lots of pictures!
  • Jamon will be a major part of my diet.
  • I will soak in the experience of being in a city and country which are new to me.
  • My appreciation of all the good things in my life will radiate.

2 thoughts on “Next week when I’m in Barcelona…

  1. The photos should be beautiful Silvia, judging by your links. Have a wonderful and relaxing trip. Can’t wait to see the pix upon your return.

  2. Hi Sylvia:

    We love Barcelona!!! Luv your plans. Gaudi is fabulous–Sagrada, city buildings, Park Guell. Just be aware of your surroundings and be “street smart.” Some of our fellow travelers fell prey to mishaps. I am Sooo excited for you. Soak it all up and put in your memory bank for easy future retrieval. Have a ball!! Luv, Mar. XO. 🌻

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