It isn’t right or wrong. It’s how you feel

How much of your life do you spend trying to explain why you feel the way you do? Why you’re happy or sad or excited or down? You explain it to yourself, to people you share a relationship with, to your therapist…it’s exhausting and frustrating and sometimes even painful and for what? What’s the point?

No matter how much you talk about them, feelings don’t change. Do you know anyone who ever changed their strongest feelings for someone into feelings radically different based upon something that had been said or heard? No, me neither.

Feelings are moments and smiles and tears and exasperation and life. They accumulate, leaving their impression upon us. No two are exactly the same. It’s what keeps us on our feet and slightly out of balance. They never fail to surprise.

Since feelings can’t be easily changed or avoided, maybe the approach to dealing with feelings is to experience them. To be with them. To understand learn that they change and grow and maybe go away and there’s not an iota of control that one really has over any of it. Feelings just are. May as well just feel them.

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