20 Things I’m leaving behind…

  • Any sense of guilt for being self indulgent. Blanket statement.
  • Justifying wine with bubbles.
  • Feeling the need to try to explain anything to anyone committed to ignorance.
  • Shame for being made happy by pretty clothes.
  • Insecurity about my body.
  • Trying to understand people who prefer being miserable to being happy.
  • Believing that if I only apply enough moisturizer the lines on my face will disappear.
  • Being frustrated by my inability to settle for less than I’d like.
  • That familiar paralyzation when confronted by a necessary home project.
  • Hopefully, my insomnia caused, in part, by Donald Trump and his governing by Tweet.
  • Any rigidness in my practices. I want to bend better.
  • The need to grocery shop as if I was still providing food for a family of four. It’s now 1.5. Time to adjust.
  • Trying to please others before myself.
  • Quietly accepting thoughtlessness.
  • Believing that pathological liars will ever change their ways.
  • Having more loyalty to others than to myself.
  • Attempts to understand why people spend so much energy trying to pretend they’re somebody else.
  • Overfilling my calendar.
  • Taking cocktails and meals enjoyed at a bar for granted.

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