It’s just a phase

I fully expect to some day reflect back upon this time in my life sartorially as my “braided pigtail days.” For whatever reason, lopsided braids with matching elastic hair bands are just where I’m at these days. I’m liking it, especially when I can add lipstick and my favorite knit hat.

I’m at an age now where I know to not bother arguing with myself about my appearance. At least not when it comes to something as benign and temporary as fashion or style favorites, that is. Undoubtedly, my infatuation with the ease and cuteness of a couple of braids will pass eventually. Just like my obsessions with bangs and bobs did in years gone by.

I’m talking about hair here, people. Stay with me.

Having a signature style, (think Diane Keaton), is challenging, especially for someone who feels like she’s constantly evolving. Or, perhaps, is just dreadfully inconsistent and unwilling to commit. I suppose it’s open to interpretation.

There have been other less than permanent fashion choices in my life. For a time I lived in Hanes Men’s T-shirts, plain white. They were cheap, available in either a v-neck or crew and were, in my 20-something mind, the perfect shirt day or night. While I’ve moved into a more tailored look and haven’t bought a three pack of Hanes’ best recently, I still stand by those impressions.

When my babies were little and my body was not my own, I had a nothing-but-overalls-all-of-the-time period. I distinctly remember two pairs, bought from Gap, that I pretty much wore constantly. Overalls simultaneously covered my 25 lbs heavier body and provided easy access to nurse whatever Lilly boy happened to be in the rotation. Perfect.

For a time, after a life changing trip to California, I wore two watches so I could immediately tell the time on both coasts. Because I really was that cool. Speaking of cool, my oldest friends, who might recall my fluorescent phase in the 80s, would probably refute that claim, so let’s not ask them, ok?

While some of my fashion choices could be described as brief and trendy, (or the perfect justification for renting much of my wardrobe rather than buying), I’m not without loyalty. I’ve got Frye boots and handbags in my closet that I’ve had longer than I’ve had children of my own. Some things don’t ever go out of style.

Middle aged people wearing braided pigtails may not be in that same category.

What are some phases of fashion you’ve lived through? And – what do you imagine never giving up?

6 thoughts on “It’s just a phase

  1. Bellbottoms & hippy mirrored shirt never again. Never give up the beret, I’ve been wearing one most of the year for about 60 years.

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