Irish royalty

There once was a time when I wished to be an Irish princess, Rose of Tralee to be specific. It was before I had located my father’s family in Ireland and I was reaching for any connection I could make to that magically green country from where the father I never met came.

To become the Rose of Tralee was a process, beginning with a local pageant which was hosted in the middle of the local mall, of course. Upon arrival, I knew immediately that I wasn’t going any further in this contest, despite my red hair. My brown wrap dress was way out of place in a sea of florals and pastels. The Rose of Tralee is a princess and thus should appear pretty and soft.

You know, and in need of a prince, obviously.

My look, even then, was more sophisticated with a slightly urban edge and my vibe was kind of independent. I wasn’t what they were looking for and I knew it. No harm, no foul.

I’d need to find a different way to get to Ireland.

Which I did. Many times, actually. The connections which have been forged between my father’s siblings and their children and grandchildren and myself on those trips have changed my life. I truly feel and appreciate the Luck of the Irish every single day of my life.

Last night, I gave myself a little extra time to get ready for my date. My toes were freshly pedicured in a grayish shade of green, my Mini (also green) looked great after a wash and the sweet dress I had selected for dinner, also was green. An emerald green velvet scarf with a Celtic design completed my look. With lipstick on and hair smooth and straight, I felt amazing.

On my drive, I was thinking about my family in Ireland and my deceased former mother in law who had given me a doll many years ago, after she returned from a trip to Ireland. The doll is dressed in traditional clothing with a bonnet crowning her spirals of red hair. According to the tag attached to her wrist, her name is Ceara, the Irish word for “bright red,” and she is a Warrior Queen. My mother in law said the doll reminded her of me.

Feeling like you’re an Irish warrior queen is so much better, I imagine, than actually being an Irish princess could ever be.

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