25 years in the DelSo

Most of my life I’ve been at the least ever-so-slightly ashamed of my home. It was never –

*big enough

*clean enough

*maintained well enough

*decorated stylishly enough

*ever truly finished

Because owning a house means there’s always a project. Yes, I said ALWAYS and we all know I don’t commit easily or well.

In the past 10 years I’ve purchased two new boilers, 2 new gas hot water heaters, a washing machine, an electric dryer, and a sump pump. One of my bathrooms was done over because of leak, a basement wall was rebuilt and both front storm doors have been replaced.

I spent about $25,000 on those project and repairs, not an insignificant amount. These expenses annoyed me at times because I would have much preferred to invest in more visible improvements exclusively – like that bathroom. You know, things that bring joy in a more garish way than a shit ton of concrete in one’s basement. 

Over the years  I’ve come to learn (and expect) that for every $3 I spend on home improvements, I spend $5 for necessary maintenance and repairs. Multiplied, of course, by $10s, $100s and $1000s, that is. I call it homeowner’s mathematics.

But, today I’m sitting in the sunshine in this house I “own,” with my dog at my feet, and I can’t help but feel pleased with my home. Recently a friend with an excellent eye for design (and in women ;)) inspired me to move furniture around and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with the arrangement. 

The space feels bigger, yet cozier and, I think, more inviting. I’m in the process of refinancing again (too good of a deal not to) and am excited to spend some money on a project which will improve my rental property’s kitchen and my own. Renovations are a pain in the ass, but we’ll get through it.  

With each completed plan and Facebook Marketplace purchase, this place, my place, has grown to reflect more of me and the history of my family. I’m getting that Marie Kondo “spark joy” thing big time.  My home, the place where I have lived longer than anywhere else in my life, feels like the ultimate expression of who I am – 

*big enough

*clean enough

*maintained well enough

*decorated stylishly enough

*never ever truly finished.

3 thoughts on “25 years in the DelSo

    1. It’s a two family house, so when one of the boilers went I had both replaced. The “newer” of the two I replaced was at least 30 years old and Danz gave me a good deal. It made a big difference in my heating bills!

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