Back to the Garden -Troy Night Out

There’s been a lot of talk that the Roaring 20s are going to once again be a thing. While I’m not yet convinced that’ll be the case, I’m always down for a cute bob and flapper dress, so consider me interested.

Friday was a productive day for me. I closed on my refi, stocked up on chili crisp oil, frozen dumplings and miso from the Asian Market and picked up my Dyson following its tune up at Capital Vacuums. Time to play!

The plan was to meet a friend for Greek food at 6:30 and then view another friend’s show at a local art gallery. In my excitement to be out (with lipstick and everything!), I arrived a bit early which gave me time to walk a lap around the block to check out the scene.

Lipstick! Mascara!

In all honesty, I was a bit surprised by the mostly empty streets. I think the weather was probably a factor, but it could have been that I was a tad on the early side as well. Businesses beckoned with sidewalk seating and the warm glow of lights, yet the gusty wind was a definite force with which to reckon. 

I dropped in on Artcentric Marketplace as I continue to search for the perfect ottoman for my living room and struck out, but have added their Insta account to my feed. I’m really committed to buying used and local, if I buy anything at all. 

Making my way back to Third Street, I took the scenic route through Franklin Alley admiring the art on the walls and enjoying the reactions of the three women walking near me. Apparently one of them had taught one of the artists. I know that feeling of joyful pride and it made me smile even more than when the guy around corner had greeted me a few moments earlier with “Hello, Miss Lady.”

The part of Broadway where Pause is located is one of my favorite areas in downtown Troy. There’s something about the way the historical architecture and contemporary businesses blend together that I find really inviting. My favorite veggie burger can be found on that same block (Nighthawks), along with Bard & Baker for those looking for a bite to eat and some board game fun.

Back to the Greek Kitchen I went. My friend, S, was nearby, according to her texts, and I ordered a sampler appetizer plate along with an eggplant and garlic dip to get us started. We followed those items with a gyro plate, which we also shared. The food was good and the service was refreshingly sincere. Next stop: Pause Gallery.

Laura Mann’s multi textured works are beautifully hung at Pause Gallery and they make me wish for a moment that my life included a beach house with floor to ceiling windows and a view of the Atlantic because, damn, they would look fantastic in a space in which they could reside with nature. It’s really remarkable work and I’m thrilled for the success she’s experiencing.

In addition to Laura’s pieces, there is impressive array of other artist’s work including photos, sculpture, pottery and jewelry in a wide range of prices. This is an excellent spot for thoughtful and unique gifts for special folks in your life. Check it out.

Our last stop for the evening was the new Troy Beer Garden. Once we arrived, it was easy to understand the empty streets we had encountered around downtown. Apparently, everyone was here. The space looks amazing, with a warm and inviting vibe and greenery everywhere one looks. Twenty-somethings were working their cropped and off the shoulder tops hard, while sipping frozen drinks, and their tremendous energy rivaled the ferns to demonstrate who in fact was the most vital and alive.

We were greeted immediately and, after a quick walk around the bar and lounge-y seating area, joined some friends at their table. Service was attentive and, from what I heard at our table, the plant based menu delivered with tasty small plates. I had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, which I really enjoyed, and S had a mason jar of beer which she said was delicious. I’m looking forward to returning for a meal and to explore the beverage list a bit more.

In recent weeks, life has once again begun to emerge after what feels like an incredibly long year. Yes, people still wear masks and physical boundaries are different than in the past, but folks are going out and seem ready to once again mingle. It only seems natural that a garden should be the setting for this new version of life.

Thanks for a lovely night out, Troy.

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