10 great things I did this past weekend in upstate New York.

Friday night I went to the beautiful Argus Hotel for an event. It was a cocktail party fundraiser for Historic Albany and the space was absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t take full advantage of the venue and explore the guest rooms, but I did take a few moments to imagine how civilized it would be to sit at the bar sipping (another) well crafted Manhattan while watching the snow fall.

I left the party and Washington Park to meet friends at the Fountain where I thoroughly enjoyed a shared feast of fried mushrooms, chicken wings, salad and pizza. It was delicious in every way.

Saturday was devoted to being home and getting sh*t done. I opened by making shrimp stock, which I will use this week to make ramen. Please tell me you also save your uncooked shrimp shells in the freezer to make a flavorful broth for soups, risotto and sauces.

Speaking of the freezer, I pulled out a quart of tomato sauce with meatballs to thaw to accompany the handmade pasta I made for a late lunch. It was my first attempt at making pasta since summer and I need to do it more often. My technique was definitely rusty.

I filled two bags with cuttings and leaves in an attempt to get my yard under control. Hopeful that I’ll continue that task this upcoming week since the forecast looks amenable to all sorts of outdoor activities.

For the first time since February 2020, I went to the theater to see a movie. I was disappointed with the snack bar options (no baked goods?!), but happy to have the time in the dark to take in a new film – and catch a quick nap. Oh, Wes Anderson!

On Sunday morning, I drove to Woodstock to hike Overlook Mountain for the first time, solo. I arrived a little too late to earn a coveted spot in the small parking lot, but managed to score a place just down the road.

I pushed past my fear of heights and made my way to both the scenic view beyond the cabin and the highest accessible level of the fire tower. Boom!

Afterwards I drove into Saugerties where I devoured a rare Kilcoyne burger (with cheddar and caramelized onions) at Rock Da Casbah. I highly recommend the experience. 

Before heading back home to Albany, I caught an afternoon live musical performance at the newly reopened Orpheum Theater, also in Saugerties. It’s a really cool venue, under new ownership, with terrific acoustics and a wonderful vibe. Looks like they’ll be hosting a lively array of films, speakers and music. Get yourself there and thank me later.

Bravo, upstate New York. I am so happy to live here!

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