The face in the mirror

As I was adding yet another layer of emollient rich moisturizer to my parched face, I paused for moment to really look at myself. I saw hazel eyes that at the moment seemed to reflect the gold and auburn shades of my hair. They sparkled with excitement and joy and paired well with my bare lips which were turned up into a smile.

While the lines on my face were what had originally placed me in front of the mirror, it was my cheekbones that caught my eye. After years of cloaking them in cotton masks, I appreciated the structure which they provided to my face underneath my winter pale skin.

It struck me that, in fact, everything about my face which I was admiring, was directly related to what was going on beneath the surface. I felt happy.

I wondered if it was wildly vain of me to be taking time from what was a very busy afternoon to take in my face, and rejected the thought. No, it wasn’t conceit prompting this itemized examination, instead it was gratitude. 

I realized that I sincerely liked the woman I was looking at in the mirror. I’ve worked hard to become her and she makes me proud. And, if you think that sounds incredibly narcissistic, I’ll argue you that evolving into a person who makes you throw shoulders back and hold your head high should be a primary life goal. If you aren’t someone you’re pleased to be – why are you being that person?

That face in the mirror belongs to a woman who has had her fair share of challenges in life. She has faced times of deep sadness, fear and loneliness. There was a period of sleepless nights spent juggling bills and bank accounts to make sure all of her responsibilities were met, with exhaustion, not a partner, as a constant companion. 

Those experiences are certainly reflected in the mirror.

But, the what’s underneath stuff? The friends who support me and have helped shape me into the woman I am now, a human I admire, are like the bones which provide structure to my face. They’re always there, even when they aren’t readily visible.

If I had one wish,

It would be, to fall in love,

With my reflection.

Why not try to make your wishes come true?

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