Full Moon Fever*

Broken in!
Broken in!

I had a conversation a couple of weeks ago with one of my boys and I declared some behavior of his to be rather odd.  Not in an overly critical fashion, it was merely an observation or impression.  He accepted my remark with a laugh and then countered with “You like to run at night.  That’s weird.” Guilty, without even an attempt to plead it down.

I’ve got a couple of women with whom I’m always happy to run.  We have a similar pace and an unspoken comfort level with whether to talk or not, to speed up or back off.  It’s awesome to be able share races and rambles with my friends and, as often as possible, we like to get together for a special Full Moon Run.  Last night was our night and it was absolutely epic.

The day had been hot with increasing humidity.  When we got out it was close to 9pm and the moon was playing coy.  The solstice had made the evening feel particularly leisurely, and we headed out at an easy pace.  Our planned route took us down the fabled yellowbrick road and through the Normanskill meadows.  We were greeted by flickering fireflies and a delicious dampness in the air.

The uphills quickly out measured the downhills and we worked really hard.  I know I’m not alone in admitting the amount of effort, a literal pain in the ass, it took to climb the back 9.  At 2 miles, we took a brief break to take advantage of the water station on the golf course and then continued towards the club house and New Scotland Ave.

My intention had originally been to hang a right on Whitehall Rd and head back to my place, however as we approached the intersection, we all agreed it was too soon to head home.  We continued on New Scotland and did the long “big girl” loop back to Academy, adding another couple of miles to the run.

Ultimately, we did nearly 7 blissful miles.  We cooled down on my stoop, with beers, under the light of the silvery moon.  It was, without a doubt, when one of my favorite runs ever – comfortable in more ways than I could explain, even to myself.  Perfect – something I don’t say (or even attempt to achieve) very often.  Who wants in for next month?

* a nod to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers @SPAC, obviously.

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