A book, an event and an observation or two

That's what I've been up to over at Moms@Work. The book was about the benefits of allowing children room to grow without their parents obsessive intense encouragement and support. The event is a breakfast and networking opportunity on June 6th at the Desmond.  Go and meet some Women@Work folks and get energized. Heroes don't always … Continue reading A book, an event and an observation or two

Taking a break from the Lillys…

to focus on the beautiful Iris of spring!  Lilac season  has passed and the current floral fragrance scenting my evening run is lily of the valley, but what's really feeding my visual senses are irises. The irises this year - they have been spectacular!  Maybe it is just because mine are finally doing something after … Continue reading Taking a break from the Lillys…

Observations from 46 2/3

During my run the other night, it occurred to me that I was 2/3 of the way through my 46th year.  The realization prompted a few thoughts... I find myself with increasing frequency wondering if an article of clothing is "too young" or "too short." This is not a bid for compliments, just the reality … Continue reading Observations from 46 2/3

Everything I know about Troy, I learned from Mary Panza

Ok, maybe that isn't 100% true, but she really did get me started on my Troy education.  When I first moved to Albany almost 25 years ago, I received some advice from a childhood friend regarding Troy.  He said, and I quote, "Troy is the armpit of the Universe." I was uncertain exactly what that … Continue reading Everything I know about Troy, I learned from Mary Panza

Smooth operator

A recipe for you, courtesy of Quinn Lilly, for a fast breakfast treat for the whole family.  Here's the "list*" of ingredients: Place together in blender and push the button.  Simple! Seeing as how we're (finally) done with foil-wrapped chocolate Easter eggs, I imagine we'll be modifying this recipe.  What will remain consistent is the … Continue reading Smooth operator