Lunar B*tches


You knew it had to eventually happen, right?  Our trio of women, bold enough to run in the dark by the light of the full moon,* have morphed into an exclusive little running club.  I’d like to officially present the Lunar B*tches Running Club!  A few facts about our group:

  • Frequency of meetings: monthly.
  • Distance: 5-7 miles.
  • Pace: varied depending upon conversation and hills, usually ~5.5 – 6.0 mph
  • Benefits: personal sanity, grownup interactions, strong legs and tight butts.
  • Qualifications: see above

Last night we did about 6.5 miles at a fairly consistent pace.  We spent some time at Capital Hills which, aside from real-deal hills, also has the convenience of water stations (amazingly cold water stations) and a bathroom for a midway pit stop.  The fireflies and soft rain added a bit of a magical touch to the run and we were three very satisfied mommies when we wrapped up our evening.

Already looking forward to August…

*we didn’t actually see the moon last night, but headlamps provide illumination in a pinch.

2 thoughts on “Lunar B*tches

    1. Hey! I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. Definitely thinking about shirts for the “club,” along with shorts that say “Ass by Albany Muni.” Nice to hear from you, Jon!

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