Behold the mighty shrimp

I’ve got a question for you – what do you do with your shrimp shells?  Please don’t tell me you toss them in the trash because that would make me sad.  You know that tossing the uncooked shells into the freezer could eventually give you something gorgeous like this, right?DSC_0003Since it is so simple, and basically free, why don’t you promise to begin saving those shells beginning with your next shrimp-centric meal?  After peeling your uncooked shrimp place shells (and heads, if available) into a zip top bag and throw in freezer.  Once you have a decent amount – think enough to fill a stock pot 2/3 or so, remove from freezer and place in a roasting pan with a little oil and cook at about 400 degrees for maybe 15-20 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes or so.  Remove shells from oven and place in a stock pot with whatever random vegetable peelings/herbs you have on hand and cover with water.  DSC_0001

Cook on low to medium for a couple of hours, stirring occasionally.  Strain and use in soups, risottos and pasta dishes as desired.  Believe me, you will never throw these babies away again.  Nothing shrimpy about it.

5 thoughts on “Behold the mighty shrimp

  1. Great reminder! Homemade stock makes any recipe a million times better. Plus, throwing them in the freezer also means they’re not smelly in the garbage. Win-win.

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