Rainy run thoughts

Liar’s stories and cashmere robes both always develop holes.

The government in this country is broken. This is a nonpartisan statement. 

Schools in the United States are being asked to tackle a myriad of unimagined issues with no additional resources from the government because our elected officials can’t negotiate a deal to support the country’s schools and students.

This pandemic is crushing Americans – especially POC, the poor, immigrants and business owners. Huge companies and the wealthy have been provided with financial support from the government, aka our money, while so many people in our country are struggling without meaningful aid.

We need to stop telling people without boots to pull themselves up by nonexistent straps. They need a hand, not a kick in the teeth.

While I’m breathless by the speed in which our country has fallen, it almost seems inevitable. The United States was founded on exploitation and a false sense of white superiority. Time for that to change.

As someone who has had a poor outcome following a long ago flu shot, I’m in no rush to receive a rushed-to-the-market-in-time-for-Election-Day vaccine. Not happening.

Not being able to travel has been the most difficult part of the pandemic for me. How f’n lucky am I?

Our country now has an unreliable postal system, a Center for Disease Control that is suspect and a president that incites violence that he then blames on his predecessor and the candidate that is seeking to replace him. How does this define Great?

The upcoming November elections will define this country and who we are as Americans. Are you registered?

2 thoughts on “Rainy run thoughts

  1. This is the first time in U.S. history a current president running for re-election is not being endorsed by a former living president. That says a lot.

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