All the feels

The precipitation that pelted my face as I ran the other day was frozen and felt like icy needles on my skin. I imagine that acupuncture gives a similar sensation. It was absolutely invigorating and I happily rain with a huge smile on my face.

The Girl from Ipanema radio station on Pandora should be your go to for those times when you want to experience your best Eurotrash version of life. If you’re wanting to take your Melody Gardot loving self a step further, check out the Kat Edmonson station. She does some wonderful things with familiar standards and her own take on more modern tunes.

If I’m willing to spend nearly $100 on a pair of slippers, is it too much to ask Ugg to not put a tag inside the sheepskin lined moccasins precisely where the arch of my foot rests? Seriously, it’s even dumber than paying $100 for slippers.

Somehow I avoided the sourdough bread thing last spring, but recently I’ve become obsessed with making pasta. After a friend gave me a lesson using a Lidia Bastianich recipe and KitchenAid with a pasta attachment, I was immediately hooked. Facebook Marketplace came through with a well timed opportunity to purchase my very own attachment and I haven’t looked back. It promises to be a very carb-y winter.

Hopefully, pasta won’t completely wreck me. No, let’s reserve that thrill for The Undoing currently streaming on HBOMax. I’m four episodes into the 6 episode series and it is intense. I hope I’ll be able to drag this out for a few more nights, but no promises. There’s something about a bowl of homemade spaghetti, eaten on the couch after a run, watching a suspense filled and well done program that just feels right.

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