What I’m bringing home…

This trip has been absolutely wonderful. That doesn’t mean there weren’t occasional instances of irritation or stress or unhappiness. All of those were present at various times during our two weeks away, but the number of joyful moments far outweigh the less blissed out instances.

My heart is a feeling a bit broken in all honesty. But, as I do, I’ll keep my focus on the positive. Anytime I get to spend time with people I love is a gift and not to be taken for granted. I’m a very lucky person and I know it.

So, what am I taking with me back to the East Coast?

A light tan courtesy of the fantastic weather we enjoyed.

A backless eyelet jumpsuit that I can’t wait to wear. Where’s the party?

Gorgeous red shoes that were a definite splurge.

Countless memories of laughs shared and silliness.

Adorable little plates for enjoying delicious morsels at home.

My new forever friend, a cardinal tattoo to always remind me of the love I have been given by my family.

A leopard print sun dress that roars with hotness.

A lovely textile gift from a new friend who happens to love a dear friend.

What I estimate to be 5lbs of Asian food and wine. Without all of the walking we did, it would have been closer to 8lbs, I bet.

A polka dotted frock that is darling.

The sensation of having been taken care of – by my son and our friends in Washington, Oregon and San Francisco.

A button down shirt that looks like it could have already been hanging in my closet. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a polka dot.

A renewed commitment to happiness and never settling.

The Space Needle in miniature for our landmarks collection.

California sunshine in the form of jars of honey and strawberry jam.

Appreciation for time and how I devote mine.

Memories of snow topped mountains, pungent red woods and cresting waves.

A son whose eyes have now seen parts of both the Atlantic and the Pacific.

The sense of satisfaction that comes from a well planned vacation filled with spontaneity.

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