Weekend headlines

If my weekend had been a newspaper, perhaps even the local one from my childhood hometown, The Greenwood Lake News, I imagine it might look a little like what you’re about to read below. For the record, it was an exceptional edition.


How I learned to stop – or, no more rolling stops. Many, many years ago there was an incident with an afternoon party, a friend driving who failed to completely stop at a Stop sign and another friend (a passenger in the same car) wearing a bathrobe. The situation ended with legal charges along with our group’s understanding of the potential ramifications of not completely stopping at red hexagonal road signs.

Despite this ingrained knowledge, on Saturday I myself was stopped by the police for not completely stopping. It was the first time I had been pulled over since 1986, a fact I shared with the police officer after he kindly forgave my offense and allowed me to go with my unblemished driving record intact. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Police Officer.


If ever there was a song to provide a coda to a day spent with women you’ve known since middle school, it’s Lean on Me. When the band playing at the town beach wraps up their time travel inducing set of songs from your childhood with this nugget, expect to have damp eyes and a group hug.


While I was aghast to learn that the area where I grew up was Republican, it was even more disturbing to witness the flotilla of Tr*mp supporters anchored off the shore of the town beach flying their flags, including a large one emblazoned with F*ck Biden. Disgusting.

Consolation was provided when 40+ year friends reminisced about their first political activism – joining their teachers in a picket line in June of 1980. Signage featured: “We want to graduate. We support our teachers.”


Reflecting on Where I Grew Up – My Story by Silvia Meder Lilly. Look for it in bookstores today!


Replace your man – no batteries necessary! All you need to do is remind yourself that anything you truly desire to have in your life, you can. It may take a little more effort, but believe in yourself and know that you, in fact, are capable of adding all the attributes you had believed that person was bringing to the table. You want fun, excitement and adventure? Go get it. It’s yours.


Both paddleboarding and yoga were featured weekend activities and greatly appreciated. Interested in taking part in one or both of these pasttimes yourself? Check out Sunnyside Landing for rentals and Greenwood Lake Yoga for getting your Om on. 

Real estate

In a hot market you want a realtor whom, as a friend, always remembers to provide a reading light for their bestie overnight guest who is a reader. Need one of those? Reach out. Referrals happily provided.


Keep your focus on all the positive in your life and hold on to the abundance you possess, rather than any void that may be present, because that shit’s just temporary. (Thanks, Col.)

Weather recap

While rain (in the form of a long delayed good cry) had been expected, sunshine prevailed despite a sky grey with clouds. That’s what spending time with your oldest girlfriends in one’s hometown can do.

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