Where we are

The past few months have seen me rapidly cycling through musical obsessions. It began with Harry Nilsson, then moved to the Beatles followed by Nick Drake. Recently, in a surprising and refreshingly contemporary twist, I’ve jumped in deep to a band that actually continues to produce new music, The Lumineers.

I’ve seen this band live a number of times, including when they opened for U2 on the Joshua Tree anniversary tour, and intend to grab tickets for their May show at SPAC. They put on a good show. Their new release, Brightside, has been streaming pretty regularly in my ears and  I really like the flow of the album. The title track is catchy, but the song that I find myself returning again and again to is Where We Are.

I did a little reading about the song’s meaning and learned it was inspired by a long ago car accident experience in which band member Wesley Schultz and his now wife, Brandy, were involved. The sense of cheating death, which the car crash prompted for Schultz, felt akin to him in terms of the current shared tragedy we’re all experiencing during this pandemic. I love the tempo of the song but, as is usually the case with me, it’s the lyrics that really make an impact. The chorus with its assertion that it will be ok, provides consolation and hope, something we all can appreciate during a time when much feels beyond our control. I am there for that message completely.

Where we are (where we are)

I don’t know where we are (where we are)

But it will be okay

Where we are (where we are)

I don’t know where we are (where we are)

But it will be okay

So, where am I?

In a really good place emotionally, mentally, financially and physically. Dating, the holidays, the situation with my mother, property taxes and not being able to run due to sidewalk conditions, made January a month to be carefully navigated. I feel like I’ve successfully gotten through it and life, like recent late afternoons, feels lighter at the moment. I intend to enjoy it.

While I know my house will never be “finished,” I’m so happy with the recent improvements I’ve made. My new kitchen/dining room space has dramatically changed the flow and I think I might need to host a party to show it off. Soon.

This room with it’s 9 foot ceilings and wide open space gives me all the feels.

There’s a new(ish) spot in my neighborhood which has quickly started to feel like my local joint. There’s something wonderful about a place that one can walk to, sit at the bar and enjoy a thoughtfully mixed cocktail along with a beautifully prepared plate or two. Thanks go to The Kitchen Table for being such a positive add to the DelSo.

Citrus salad with chili oil, pistachios, olives and mint.

Four first dates for the year – a walk, a drink, a ski and a dinner. Each were pleasant experiences and comfortable occasions with nice men, but #4 has kind of taken me by surprise. He’s actually someone I’ve known peripherally for years, but somehow we’re interacting with one another in a new and different way. Life sure is unpredictable.

Mentally packing and excitedly anticipating being in Rome soon. I really think I’m going to get across the Atlantic finally. Please join me in crossing everything that this trip happens. In return, I will savor every moment and each bite or sip I ingest. Enzo29, here I come.

At the moment, I’m truly feeling that no matter where I am, it will be ok. Sincerely wishing the same is true for you.

3 thoughts on “Where we are

      1. I’ve been diving into a lot of older music I’ve enjoyed in my time. I listened to Michael McDonalds album with all Motown songs …..in honor of his 70th birthday today. What an incredible voice, what incredible songs.

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