Looking for patterns

If you were to look in my closet, you'd notice a number of similar items, like these two dresses, for instance.  My tendency to gravitate to a certain style of shoe (chunky Mary Janes, preferably black), boots (knee-high, brown lace-ups) and sweaters (oversize and loosely woven) is easily discernible.  I've got a thing for purple … Continue reading Looking for patterns

Explorations and discoveries

In the last few years, my perspective has changed dramatically.  Once upon a time, I believed that all my decisions had been made and the future held only more stagnation.  It was like I was a participant in some organized game with the only object being to "land" on particular spaces in a mostly consistent … Continue reading Explorations and discoveries

Declaring independence

For many, Independence Day has come and gone in an orgy of fireworks, sunscreen and  barbecue.  My holiday was decidedly different this year and it has me thinking hard about independence and what it means in my own life and the lives of my friends.  I suspect I'll be pondering this long after the fuse … Continue reading Declaring independence

10 Reasons why I’m baking cookies for Father’s Day

I never got to bake them for my own father I like to eat cookie dough. It's Father's Day - not (ex)Husband Day.  He'll always be my boys' father and deserves to be honored as such. He always enjoyed my cooking and baking skills. The house will smell great. It's his first Father's Day without … Continue reading 10 Reasons why I’m baking cookies for Father’s Day