Paradise is wherever you find it

It’s pretty even on a rainy day

Well, maybe “paradise” is too strong of a word to describe where I’m finding a sense of peaceful comfort, but on the other hand, it’s probably as close as I’ll get to experiencing paradise at this crazy time in our world. It’s not like I’m going to Greece or anything…

Yes, over the weekend I cancelled my remaining accommodations and plane ticket for July’s hoped-for-return to Greece. While I’m naturally disappointed, I’m really ok with it. There are so many other far worse problems that I could be experiencing that it would be hyper self-indulgent to be more upset about a vacation. I’d like to believe there will be another opportunity in the future to visit Greece, but understand there are no guarantees.
I’m itching to see water, the ocean. It feels like a long time since I’ve been to a beach and, since my children no longer demand monitoring, I’ve very much come to enjoy the sensations of salt and sand. As long as I have shade, spf, something to read and rosé, I can bask with the best of them.
2206BFF9-4C3A-4869-97DA-AB121A930D0AIt’ll be a few more weeks before I get to dip my toes in Atlantic, but I do have a chaise lounge with double cushions that has become my go to spot to get comfortable. It’s nestled between a jungle of oversized plants and a gorgeously fragrant and happy citronella plant. A little to the other side is a beautiful basil plant that adds its aroma to the air whenever it rains. It can be heady.
I’ve taken to calling my deck my “summer office,” but it’s really more than that. It’s where I eat most of meals and sip coffee with the Sunday papers, where I roll out my yoga mat for classes, and often where I cook. And nap. It’s really not a bad spot at all.
Spending the majority of my waking hours outdoors has been beneficial for me. Potting and tending plants is rewarding. Listening to birds is fun. On hot days, I settle under the umbrella at the table with my devices and Nalgene bottle of water. One cool afternoon, a weak sun brushed my face while the rest of my body enjoyed being covered by a cozy fleece throw. It’s one of my favorite moments of 2020.
It’s not random that Eden was a garden. Where else could a place of such languid innocence possibly be? Is there any place you know that soothes in the same way as the outdoors does? My deck might be more treehouse than garden, but I think I’m receiving the same rewards of beauty and growth and nature because, you know, paradise is wherever you find it.

6 thoughts on “Paradise is wherever you find it

  1. Our slice of heaven is our screened in back porch. There is a gold fish pond outside the door, 3 very active bird feeders and a fire pit. It is our staycation place.

    1. A goldfish pond? That sounds awesome. The birds do provide lots of entertainment and I’m getting better at identifying their sounds. Cardinals are my favorite. Sounds like we’re both lucky to enjoy our homes.

      1. There is a great book, Birds of New York. Our pond is 18 inches deep about 100 gallons and a filter with 6 fish.

  2. My deck is not really an oasis for me…but when I sit on my BFF’s deck it’s like being away from everything…the dogs get to run around and play…the leaves rustle with the slightest breeze….

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