A 72-hour (media) fast

B16DF41E-1511-427E-A2E7-CD4B7E7949C6Ninety some odd days into the pandemic, and about 10 days since the murder of George Floyd, I have completely hit the wall. Overwhelmed is the only way I can describe it. The demonstrations, (including some very destructive ones within a mile or so of my home), the constantly updating feeds from Twitter, Facebook and IG, the news cycle that never pauses, the weirdness of face masks and social distance, the fact that I have children who have been tear gassed, the videos and memes…I can’t take anymore in.

Processing all of this is proving to be a Herculean task and I’m not up to it. I am so buried in media that I have no time to interpret it, to look at it critically, to understand what is happening. I take a moment to speed read or browse and then retweet or share, not having formed my own opinion of what is in front of my eyes. I have to stop. It’s sloppy and I don’t like sloppy, said the half-German woman.


The exhaustion that comes from trying to swim in a turbulent sea of information, is preventing me from paying the amount of attention necessary to discern and decide what it actually is that I’m seeing or hearing or reading. I’ve got to be more selective about what I take in, while maintaining a varied diet. To jump start this new consumption plan, I’m going to check out from social media, beyond writing blog posts here and on CivMix, for 72 hours. I’m considering it a cleanse of sorts.

If you need to reach me, shoot me an email, or text or call me. Any of those work. Also, stealing my time back provides me with an opportunity to do more and see more when it comes to this pivotal point we’re in in our country’s growth. Demonstrations continue to occur and I’m going to try to get to as many as possible. Maybe I’ll even see you there.

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